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Senator Sam J. Ervin Jr. Library and Museum

Speeches by Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr.
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"Resolution of Censure" (for Senator Joseph McCarthy) - Nov. 15, 1954 - Congressional Rec.
"The Civil Rights Bill"   Jun. 12, 1957 - extracts from an address to the Suffolk Law School Assoc.
"Alexander Hamilton's Phantom"   Jun. 13, 1958 - to the American Bar Association
"Speech Defending Law Enforcement Officials"  Aug. 19, 1958 - Congressional Rec.
"Our Inheritance: An Indestructible Union of Indestructible States"  May 16, 1959 - Ded. Richmond National Battlefield Park
"Shall America's Birthright be Sold for Pottage?"   Dec. 11, 1959 - to Georgia Bar Assoc.
"The Everlasting Things"   May 30, 1960 - to Converse College Commencement
"The Religious Faith of Abraham Lincoln"   Apr. 18, 1961 - to the Civil War Roundtable
"Law Day Address at Pentagon" May 1, 1961
"Foreign Aid" Aug. 8, 1961 - The Congressional Record
"The Role of the Supreme Court as the Interpreter of the Constitution"   Jul. 1, 1961 - to the State Bar of South Dakota
"Senator Ervin Supports The President's Stand On Berlin"   Jul. 27, 1961 - to the Senate
"Faith and Courage"   Mar. 1, 1962 -  10th Annual Presidential Prayer Breakfast
"The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty"  Sept. 17, 1963 - Congressional Rec.
"Obedience to Duty"   Aug. 25, 1965 - Gettysburg, PA
"Supreme Court's Miranda v. Arizona Decision" Aug. 29, 1966 - Congressional Rec.
"Prayer in Public Schools" Sept. 20, 1966 - The Congressional Rec.
"Eight Great North Carolinians"   Jun. 17, 1969 (From a May 18, 1969 speech at Appalachian State University)
"Address to the Senate on the Proposal to Deploy the ABM"   Aug. 5, 1969
"President Nixon's Executive Order Relating to the Subversive Activities Control Board"   Sep. 22, 1971
"Fear of the First Amendment"   Oct. 5, 1971 -  University of North Carolina, Greensboro
"Government and the Media"   Mar. 16, 1974 -  Raleigh, NC
"Will Freedom of the Press Survive?"   Mar. 16, 1974 - Raleigh, NC
"Decision not to Seek Reelection in 1974"   Dec. 19, 1973 - The Congressional Record
"The Origin and Objective of the First Amendment"   Dec. 5, 1974 -  Oklahoma Bar Assn.
"Excerpts From Address Accepting the Congressional Distinguished Service Award"   Nov. 13, 1976 - to Former Members of Congress
"My Gratitude to the University at Chapel Hill"   Jun. 20, 1980 -  North Carolinian Society
"The Constitution and Freedom"    Apr. 30, 1982 - North Carolina State University

Writings by Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr.
Select any topic to view PDF text of the writing. (Adobe Reader Required)
Minority Report to Accompany S83 (Proposed Civil Rights Legislation) May 10, 1957
Statement on Federal Aid to Education  June 20, 1961
An Amendment to Provide for a Judicial Determination of the Constitutionality of Grants and Loans Under H.R. 6143 to Church-Owned, Controlled, or Operated Universities and Colleges - Oct. 11, 1963
Federalism and Federal Grants-In-Aid  Apr. 1965 - North Carolina Law Review
Religious Freedom  Sept. 29, 1966 - Sen. Sam Ervin Says (Weekly Newspaper Column)
Views on Civil Rights  Apr. 17, 1967
Textile Imports  Nov. 29, 1967 - The Congressional Rec.
The Role of the Supreme Court: Policymaker or Abjudicator 1970
The Gravel and Brewster Cases: An Assault on Congressional Independence  Feb. 1973 - The Virginia Law Review
Confrontation at the Watergate  Oct. 3, 1973 - from The Congressional Record
President Nixon and Impeachable Offenses  Apr. 11, 1974
Ford's Pardon of Nixon  Sep. 9, 1974 - from The Congressional Record
The Role of the Lawyer in America  Fall, 1975 - New England Law Review
Duties of the Citizen, the Lawyer, and the Judge  1976
What a Father Ought to Say to His Children  May 22, 1979
Judicial Verbicide  Nov. 1980
The Battle of King's Mountain: An Appraisal of Its Historical Significance  Nov. 12, 1980 -  The Congressional Rec.
The Voting Rights Act  1982 - The Cumberland Law Review
Humor, Wise and Otherwise  Spring 1982 - North Carolina Historical Review
The Exclusionary Rule (of the 4th Amendment) 1983 - The Supreme Court Review
The Constitution and Religion  Summer 1983 - Pub. in Free Inquiry
Tuition Tax Credits (Letter to Ronald Reagan)  July 28, 1983 - The Congressional Rec.
Preventive Detention, A Species of Lydford Law  Nov. 1983 - George Washington Law Rev.
Civil Rights and Constitutional Wrongs Winter 1983 - Modern Age

Watergate  Jul. 30, 1984

Letter to President Reagan Concerning Separation of Church and State  1985
The First Amendment Stands in Peril  Feb. 1985 - Church and State
The Genocide Convention: Should it be Ratified?  Mar. 18, 1985 - The Congressional Rec.
Why I Believe in the 1st Amendment  Nov./Dec. 1985 - Liberty
The Power of the Congress Under the Constitution to Define, Limit, or Curtail the Appellate Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the Jurisdiction of the Federal Courts Inferior to It
Our Heritage - A Blessing and an Obligation
Balanced Federal Budget Amendment
Personal Observations on Watergate
The Bicentennial of the United States
Privacy and the Constitution
Federal Tax Aid to Parochial Schools is Both Unconstitutional and Unwise
Integrity in the Political Process
Various Quotations
The Democratic Party
A Meditation on Old Age
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